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An English Literature student by day, a professional dreamer by night, I hail from the city of joy, Kolkata. Never a very vocal person, writing has always been my weapon and my lifeline. I’m the author of KNOTS, a bestselling collection of poetry on the different seasons of life, and my debut romance novel is currently in the pipeline. I love reading, music, words and travelling. A depression warrior since 2015, I’m also an active mental health advocate and blogger.

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About my book — Knots

Knots is a collection of poetry and prose about love and heartbreak, tragedy and grief, survival and loss. It’s a journey through the numerous knots that we tie in life, and the ones that we tangle and untangle with. It explores the realities of mental illness & suicide, social taboos & violence against women, pain & darkness, self love & healing in all its naked glory. The rhythm of Knots resonates directly with the poet’s heart, conveying to the readers that there is a way to untangle every knot in life, but sometimes, some of these knots are what we are made of.

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What readers are saying about my book

Beautiful poems

Life is nothing but a tale of courage and heartbreaks. We tie the knot of relationships with gazillion people a gazillion times. Every time that knot breaks, we shatter, our heart turns into smithereens. And with those broken pieces we either jump into a deep pit of nothingness or we fly for other skies.


My favourite poem would be "first date" , "red", "uncaged", and "with you" words touched me. I was in constant turmoil while reading the book. Feeling, loving, anger, angst, sadness etc.

Perfect poems

It's a beautiful collection of poems. You'll experience a roller coaster of emotions. Some lines are breathtaking. Stab me in the heart with your pen, and let me bleed dry the ink of my story – Knots.

Amazing emotional read

Knots is a beautiful collection of prose and poetries that talk about human emotions. My favourite poem has been " She is the one".

Heartfelt collection of poetry

The book is divided into multiple parts, titles to which are - Heartbreak, Love, Fantasia, Darkness, Pain, Lost, healing.

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